3-year-old Olivia’s first haircut


Her first haircut

Olivia is in no rush to get her hair done. It’s not that she doesn’t like being taken care of, no. On the contrary, at almost 3 years old, she adores… It is rather that the little girl has something to take care of, in this paradise for children in the heart of Paris. The office area has her full attention and, like the adults, she reads quietly while waiting for Bruno Liénard to free himself. This “family hairdresser”, as he defines himself, is one of the first to have launched a salon * dedicated to toddlers, in 1985. Until now, he was in charge of models for fashion photos or parades, an activity that ended up losing its meaning. A fashion journalist then blew him the idea of ​​setting up as hairdresser for children in Paris. More than twenty-five years later, he does not regret having embarked on the adventure: “I still find it so moving to observe a toddler who manages to sit still and lets himself be done with a smile”, he confides.

The boom in children’s hairdressers


Today, many of them offer a fun decor and an adapted service. “Parents take their babies to us earlier and earlier, sometimes even from the age of 3 or 4 months,” explains the specialist in blondes. They want at all costs to avoid derogatory comments from those around them about the disparity in strand lengths, which is perfectly normal in babies. When the little ones do not yet know how to sit, they are combed in the arms of their parents. Later, they climb on roller dungeons or rocking horses, like Olivia. In Bruno’s hands, we feel the confident little girl. As she is too young to lean her neck against the tray (she will get there around 8 or 10 years old), he combs her on dry hair. During the cut, she continues to play, Bruno reassures her and offers her a benevolent look. She’s relaxed and having a good time. A singular bond unites the scissor pro to his little clients: “This first haircut is a bit of a symbol of their entry into social life,” says Bruno. They are marked by their visit to the show. And they come back, even young adults! “

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An unforgettable experience


This work requires a lot of skill and patience because not all children are as happy as Olivia! If one of them shows apprehension, often linked to bad experiences, Bruno does not hesitate to shorten the locks gradually: a few millimeters the first day, then the rest three to four days later. But sometimes, the fear comes from the parents, they project their own childish anxieties: a failed haircut, the fear of scissors near the ear … “It must be said that in their time, we had no empathy for children, Bruno analyzes. They were styled the hard way, like adults. In this case, it is better to avoid their presence during the session altogether. Another perilous operation: catching up with parents’ house cuts. It is even worse when the child has a lock or bangs. “I advise against them because, not only do they come back every three weeks in the eyes of children, but they hide their faces. When they come in rather annoyed, I try to work it out, but I often tell them that there is nothing I can do. When it’s cut, it’s too late! “For Olivia, no failed bangs. After twenty short minutes, Bruno takes out the princess mirror. Olivia’s eyes sparkle: she is obviously very happy with the result ! She shouldn’t be asked to come back in three to six months. 

* 8, rue de Commaille, Paris 7th.

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