12 little “selfish” pleasures of mothers

Need väikesed emade ütlematud naudingud

Sometimes it takes little to make us happy. The first burst of laughter, the first smile, the first candle… motherhood is all these little moments of wonder which make our love grow a little more each day. But when you’re parents, you also know that moments of respite are rare and precious. And in certain situations, we have to admit it, we take pleasure in being a little selfish …

We think of ourselves …

1. When we finish the pack of little schoolchildren at 18 pm when we had told our child that there were no more. For all those times when he stung our plate.

2. When we put the children to a nap and we settle (finally) on the sofa.

Moment of calm and ultimate happiness, quickly overtaken by the “I must tidy up the kitchen, start a machine, prepare myself …”

3. When you get your baby back to sleep on weekends after his 7am bottle. The hope of a sleepy morning that appears.

4. When, after an exhausting day of family activities, we agree to put on a little cartoon at 18pm.

And we collapse with our child in front of the small screen as if we were suddenly fascinated by Sam the firefighter too.

5. When our oldest has a weekend birthday.

And imagine the thousand and one things that we will be able to do during these 3 hours with a single toddler.

6. When sleeping with your child exceptionally.

Because we’re alone tonight and there’s nothing better in the world than snuggling up against that hot little body. And that anyway, the daddy will put him in his bed when he gets home.

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7. When we got to school a little early and have a quiet little coffee on the terrace.

8. When we put on an RTT, but we told our children that we were working. Because resting alone, going to lunch with a girlfriend once in a while, it also does a lot of good morale.


9. When, by a miracle, the children fall asleep in our arms on the train.

Because every minute saved and one less in the journey.

10. When we say “tonight, we’re going down to eat pizza!” ”


Because we rejoice not to have to prepare meals and even less to tidy up the kitchen. Too bad for the plants.

11. When we skip the bath.

12. When you manage to read a piece of magazine on a deckchair on vacation. Children love to be in the water, but that’s daddy’s job!


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