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Out of thoughtlessness, Tilt accidentally destroyed the entire harvest that the ant colony to which she belongs had painstakingly gathered. Such a blunder drives Le Oneorgne mad with rage, an ominous insect that returns every summer with its gang of racketeering grasshoppers to rob them. Through Tilt’s fault, the intruder, forced to return empty-handed, swore to come back in the fall to take double his usual ration. To try to be forgiven, Tilt suggests going in search of mercenaries …

Boonus Blu Ray:

Presentation of bonus content by John Lasseter and meeting with the filmmakers:

– Audio commentary is provided by director John Lasseter, screenwriter Andrew Stanton and editing supervisor Lee Unkrich

– The pre-production phase: the documentary “Fleabie”, with the story and the scenario, the comparison of the film and the storyboard, the abandoned sequences, the research and the graphic design, the elaboration of the characters, the realization of the sets exterior and graphic research

– The production phase: behind the scenes of the film, the casting of the original voices, the preliminary tests, a demonstration of the production in multi-angles on the sequence of the flames of death

– The release of the film in theaters and on video with the trailer, the recomposition of the image, and the interviews of the characters

– The blooper with the making of, the original blooper, and the additional blooper

– Two short films “The Chess Player” 

Release scheduled for April 13, 2011

Autor: John Lasseter

Publisher: Disney Pixar

Vanusevahemik: 4-6 aastat

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